Welcome to the City of St. John's Bid Opportunities Website

As of January 1, 2016, all tenders and submissions will be posted online only. Register today at bids.stjohns.ca to receive the latest tenders electronically and to submit your bids online.

The following is a list of bid and tender opportunities. Each bid document provides the closing time and submission instructions. The bid document is the official document. Sometimes the information provided on this website is different than the information on the bid document. In all cases, the information on the bid document will prevail.

Technical Support:

If you encounter technical issues,  please contact support@bidsandtenders.ca. For questions pertaining to a specific bid opportunity, please refer to the contact details of the buyer provided in the bid document. 


As of September 1st 2018 the City will no longer accept Paper Bid Bonds (CCDC - Owner Standard Form) – as of that date Bid Bonds will only be accepted in Digital Bid Bond format.

Up to and including August 31st, 2018 the City will accept Bid Bonds in the following formats:

Paper Bid Bonds - CCDC - Owner Standard Form as outlined in the City’s tender documents.


Digital Bid Bonds in an electronically verifiable/enforceable format.  All instruction details for accessing authentication should be included with the up-loaded Digital Bid Bond.  Bidders shall upload their Digital Bid Bond to the City’s bidding system in the appropriate field.  For more information regarding Digital Bid Bonds bidders are encouraged to contact their surety company and can also refer to the e-bonding information on the Surety Association of Canada’s website.

Bonds shall be issued by reputable Bonding Companies, licensed to carry on business in Newfoundland and Labrador. All bid bonds must be irrevocable and open for bid acceptance for at least ninety (90) days from the date of bid opening.

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Note:  Only documents found on the Municipality's website are to be considered "official".  The City of St. John's accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information found on other websites.  The onus is on the bidder to check this site to verify they have received all relevant bid information.